Kale Princeton's Deck has hardly ever changed throughout the events of the anime and manga  versions of V-Monsters!. His Deck mostly contains "Colossal" monsters, and his strategies normally focus on allowing and finding a way to have each V-Monster of his gain an equivalent amount of experience per each duel. He sometimes does this by utilizing the power of his Spell or Trap cards.

In the Battle Pyramid Arc, Kale completely remodels his deck for the time being, fitting the theme of the tournament by using an "Ancient" Deck. The ancient monsters he uses allows him to summon them to the field without having to sacrifice, or Special Summon.


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Because Kale focuses on experience among each of his V-Monsters, he focuses his monsters on Colossal-type beings because they are better suited either long drawn-out fights. Or, split experience duels. This strengthens Kale's strategy as this doubles their experience.

Opponent(s) Chapter(s) Outcome(s)
Yugi Granger 1 Win
Unknown Duelist 5 Win
Brock Mason 5 Win (Off-screen)