The Sermon League is a national league that is known worldwide all around the V-Monsters world. It is a tournament where only duelists who have obtained all 16 Regional Badges to show the managers that each duelist is skilled enough and has passed the requirements to compete. The tournaments usually take place in the spring time and end during the middle of the summer. Each contestant gets a month of prep time once the finals have reached. Only the top V-Monster Duelists can participate in each tournament. The tournaments happen once every four years.


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The Sermon League Tournament only allow sixteen participants per each tournament. Each match will take place one at a time as everyone gets to watch each match, and prepare for the next if they are in it. Each round of the tournaments goes as followed:

Preliminary RoundsEdit

The preliminaries are the "beta-stages" of the Sermon League where the contestants are tested to see who are the best of the best. This stage of the tournament is merely just to see which of the sixteen contestants are skilled enough to make their way to the Quater-Finals. The prelims separates the true duelists from the weakest. Leaving only the eight strongest duelists in the world left to battle it out for the championship.

Quarter-Final RoundsEdit

The Quarter-Finals are the next stages in the tournament but also the first real stage of the tournament as well. Now that the eight greatest duelists in the world have been notified through the test of the preliminary rounds, they gain a month of prep time to balance, enhance and conjure a strategy to help support their deck.

Semi-Final RoundsEdit

Final RoundEdit