“A duelist's rank, doesn't make up the duelist's skill!”

—Suna Makiyato

Suna Makiyato is the main protagonist of the manga/anime series, V-Monsters!: Duel Cards. He is an aspiring teenaer who's goal is to become the next King of Games. He made it his goal to bond with his V-Monsters as well, to gain a trust and deeper understanding with them. Suna has had help with his friends along the way, as well as bonding with his V-Monster, gaining their respect and having their cooperation. Next to Yugi Granger & Kale Princeton, Suna may very well be the greatest duelist in the world.

First Appearance (Anime) V-Monsters!: Duel Cards Episode 1
Appears in V-Monsters!: Duel Cards
Age 14-15 (V-Monsters!: Duel Cards)
Team Global Duelists
V-Monsters! Draziel, Ragnarok, Adragon, Ariel, Ra, Terordactyl, Avion, Fusion, Neo, & Wildhart
  • Draziel
  • Ragnarok
  • Adragon
  • Ariel
  • Ra
  • Terordactyl
  • Avion
  • Fusion
  • Neo
  • Wildhart
  • Sugoshi Makiyato (Father)
  • Huari Makiyato (Mother)
  • Yasamu Makiyato (Sister)




V-Monsters!: Duel CardsEdit




Main article: Suna Makiyato's Decks

Suna uses a "Warrior-Beast" Deck, which focuses on summoning monsters with high or low Atk points or high or low Def points. Depending on how high the Atk or Def is, the other is lower. Suna builts his monsters up to by trying to power them up with the use of Spell Cards like the infamous "Fusion Gate", or Trap Cards like "Summoned Cylinder." By raising their stats, Suna then usually follows through with a card allowing the attack the opponent directly like "Transparency", or even dealing double the damage with "Replay."