Yugi Granger

“V-Monsters are our friends! I will defeat you here and now! I will become the world's greatest V-Monster Duelist!”

—Yugi Granger

Yugi Granger is the main protagonist of the manga/anime series, V-Monsters!. He is an aspiring pre-teen who has a goal to become the world's greatest V-Monster Duelist. He made it his goal to bond with his V-Monsters as well, to gain a trust and deeper understanding with them. Professor Princeton has noted that in terms of Dueling, Yugi's skills are unmatched. He is currently the Sermon League champion, and the winner of the Battle Testimony, champion of the Orange League, runner-up of the Silph Co. titanic tournament, and the winner of the Battle Pyramid. His beginning V-Monster is Inferno-Monkey. Yugi is regarded as the best duelist in the series.

First Appearance (Anime) V-Monsters! Episode 1
Appears in V-Monsters!
Age 10-11 (V-Monsters!)
Team V-Heroes
V-Monsters! Inferno-Ape, Ragnarok, Shadowbat, Tuttlebot, Bonesaw, Lemur, Zaeralic 
  • Inferno-Ape
  • Ragnarok
  • Shadowbat
  • Tuttlebot
  • Bonesaw
  • Lemur
  • Zaeralic
  • Sakura Granger (Mother)





Yugi begins his journey in chapter 1 as he had heard about Professor Princeton's ad of his new discovery, of  the V-Monsters! He quickly rushes and before Kale Princeton is able to choose his V-Monster, Yugi comes in, stopping him. The two Princeton's asks Yugi who he is and Yugi introduces himself. Yugi then states that he will be the world's King of Games. Kale however mocks this statement by saying that he will become V-Monster's greatest duelist. The two then begins arguing but Professor Princeton offers them a beginning V-Monster that he had discovered. Both Yugi and Kale tries to take Aquaturtle as their first V-Monster, but they decide to settle it with a duel. Yugi selects Inferno-Monkey and his duel with Kale begins. Yugi told his Inferno-Monkey to attack with Inferno Hurricane, but it is not enough as Kale blocks the attack with Water Wall: Iron Defense. Yugi is then defeated by his newfound arch-rival, swearing to get even with him and vowing to get stronger. Professor Princeton explains to Yugi that he should head for the Overgrowth Forest, as that is where he may find some strong duelist to hone in on his skills.




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Yugi uses an "Elemental" Deck, which focuses on gathering a number of different and mixed elemental monster togethers and use them as combinations. Many of his monsters have decent attacks, but can be combined with another of his monsters attacks, fusing the attacks by attacking at the same time, or summoning either a Spell or and Trap card.